About Us

In the Valle del Belìce, at the western end of the province of Agrigento (Sicily), at an average altitude of 400m above sea level, the Baronessa del Belìce’s prickly pears (or Fico d’India as the fruits is known in the region) are grown, excellence of the local agri-food sector. In Santa Margherita di Belìce and neighboring territories, since 1995 the Cooperativa Agricola GEA, founded in the footsteps of the farm founded by the Armato Barone family in 1950, produces, selects and processes prickly pear plants following the most accurate quality controls. Passion and dedication make prickly pears “Baronessa del Belice” a product renowned throughout the national territory and abroad, for its proprieties and exquisiteness.

Passion is a value handed down from father to son in the Armato Barone family: a passion inherited from grandfather Nicoló to father Filippo and, finally, to the youngest daughter Licia.

Licia and Giovanni, companions in work and in life, today carry out this courageous project, supported and helped by their families. These two young entrepreneurs, driven by a great passion, are the spokespersons of the desire to improve and enhance their territory and make this unique and unmistakable fruit known all over the world. Today the company, with an extension of over 10 hectares, has a new face “Baronessa del Belice”. The new company logo, represented by the prickly pear plant, is composed of three pads and wants to convey a message of solidity and unity, indissoluble values ​​on which the bond that unites the Founding members is founded: Filippo, Licia and Giovanni.